Criminal Department FAQ

1. How do I expunge my court records? 
Answer: The expungement of criminal court records is available under very specific circumstances. Expungement requires an order of the court. The Court Clerk's office cannot advise you if you meet the requirements, nor can the Clerk's office obtain a court order of expungement for anyone. Please consult a lawyer.

2. OSBI records show my case pending, but my deferred sentence expired. How do I clear this up?
The Court Clerk's office does not report any information to the OSBI. Law enforcement and prosecutors do. A court order is required to change the content of OSBI records.

3. Do I qualify for a Victim Protective Orders (VPO) and how do I obtain one?
Victim Protective Orders are only available at the courthouse, business days, during regular business hours. You must come to the courthouse in person to obtain one. You may obtain one by going to the District Attorney's Office in the Judicial Building, 301 N. Choctaw, El Reno, OK to fill out the appropriate court papers. The judge will decide whether you qualify.

4. I paid for a transcript in a criminal action. Why do I have to return it after checking it out?
State Law, District Court rules and Court of Criminal Appeals Rules all require it.