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This office answers questions regarding zoning and permit requirements for Unincorporated Canadian County. If you live within a municipality, contact that city for the zoning and permit requirements.  Please see the District Map (PDF) to determine if you live within a municipality or in an unincorporated area. Colored areas on the map are municipalities/cities. 

Canadian County, excluding areas deemed as Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA), does not at this time have any codes that restrict the use or development of property located in the Unincorporated portions of the County.  A permit is required if you are within a county maintained right-of-way or a FEMA identified SFHA.

Right-of-Way permit application for Permanent and Temporary lines (PDF) needed for road crossing and right-of-way projects within Canadian County.  Floodplain Permit Application needed for any development within a FEMA identified SFHA. Please print the form, use BLUE OR BLACK INK ONLY and return to the Permit Office or Commissioner's Office. 

Development within Special Flood Hazard Areas, also known as floodplains, must be permitted, and regulated pursuant to NFIP and the adopted Canadian County Flood Damage Prevention Regulations. If that proves to be the case or if you are uncertain as to the property’s location in reference to the floodplain, then you would need to speak with the County Floodplain Manager, Jennifer Jett at 405.295.6140, 405-496-6821


Of course, the use of the property must also comply with any restrictions or codes imposed by the State of Oklahoma. You would be well advised to refer any additional questions regarding code compliance and licensing to the appropriate State Agency



Jennifer Jett, CFM  

Permit Office

210 N Choctaw, El Reno OK  73036

Office Phone: 405-295-6140         Cell Phone: 405-496-6821


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