Civil Division-Civil Jury, Civil Special and Civil

The Civil Division consists of Civil Jury (CJ) filings ($10,000.00 and above), Civil Special (CS) filings ($10,000.00 and under), and Civil (CV) filings (Name Changes, Driver’s License Appeals, Administrative Appeals, Quiet Titles, Injunctions, etc).

Filing Fees:

Civil Jury: $229.64

Civil Special: $216.64

Civil: $151.64

Condemnation: $216.64

SUMMONS FEE: $10.00 per defendant

Questions regarding Sheriff’s Sales can be answered by accessing the Canadian County Sheriff’s website and clicking on the link to the Sheriff’s Sales or by contacting the Sheriff’s office.

Oklahoma is a non-form state, therefore, forms are not available in the Court Clerk’s office for any of the filings listed. You must do legal research for the correct documents and statutes for these filings or you must contact an attorney.

Application for Court Ordered Title 

To obtain a Court-Ordered Title from the Judge for a vehicle, you must submit to the Court the following: (1) a completed application for title, (2) a letter from a local law enforcement agency stating that the vehicle has not been reported lost or stolen, and (3) a notarized bill of sale or similar proof of ownership. The filing fee for this process is $151.64. To schedule an appointment please call (405) 295-6203 or (405) 295-6208 and speak with a Judge’s bailiff.

Application for Court Ordered Title (PDF)