9-1-1 Addressing

The Canadian County Assessor’s Office takes care of 911 Addressing for any unincorporated area in the county. An accurate address will help emergency responders find you when you call 911. 

A 911 address is really just a normal street address but is distinct from a P.O. Box address or a Rural Route address in that it ties the location to the actual street it is on. Your 911 address will be the mailing address for the location it was assigned to if you wish to receive mail at that location.

Please Note...

If you live within any city’s corporate limits, you must contact that city for an address. The Assessor’s Office is only able to assign addresses in unincorporated areas. Please check the map to see if you are in city limits.

Canadian County City Limits Map (PDF)

If you need a 911 address, please call the Assessor's Office at (405) 295-6052 or email 911addressing@canadiancounty.org. You will need the following information available:

  • Name of the current owner of the property on record
  • Structure the address will be used for (new house, new manufactured home, business, etc.)
  • Location of the structure that the address will be associated with
  • Location of the driveway that will be used to access the structure