Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Canadian County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan provides guidance to help Canadian County citizens protect life and property from natural hazards. The plan identifies the hazards that are most likely to strike Canadian County, provides a profile and risk assessment of each hazard, identifies mitigation measures for each hazard, and presents an action plan for the implementation of the mitigation measures.

This document is a strategic planning guide developed in fulfillment of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) requirements of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), according to the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. This act provides federal assistance to state and local governments to alleviate suffering and damage from disasters. It broadens existing relief programs to encourage disaster preparedness plans and programs, coordination and responsiveness, insurance coverage, and hazard mitigation measures.

View the Canadian County Hazard Mitigation Plan:

Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF)

Chapter 2: Existing Mitigation Strategies (PDF)

Chapter 3: The Planning Process (PDF)

Chapter 4: Natural and Man-Made Hazards (PDF)

 Section 4.1 Floods (PDF)

 Section 4.2 Tornadoes (PDF)

 Section 4.3 High Winds (PDF)

 Section 4.4 Lightning (PDF)

 Section 4.5 Hailstorm (PDF)

 Section 4.6 Severe Winter Storms (PDF)

 Section 4.7 Extreme Heat (PDF)

 Section 4.8 Drought (PDF)

 Section 4.9 Expansive Soils (PDF)

 Section 4.10 Urban Fires (PDF)

 Section 4.11 Wildfires (PDF)

 Section 4.12 Earthquakes (PDF)

 Section 4.13 Fixed Site Hazardous Material Events (PDF)

 Section 4.14 Dam Failures (PDF)

 Section 4.15 Transportation Events (PDF)

 Section 4.16 Hazard Composite (PDF)

Chapter 5: Mitigation Goals and Objectives (PDF)

Chapter 6: Action Plan (PDF)

Chapter 7: Plan Maintenance and Adoption (PDF)

Appendix A: Glossary of Terms (PDF)

Appendix B: Mitigation Strategies (PDF)

Appendix C: Meeting Agendas and Sign-in Sheets (PDF)

Appendix D: Status of Prior Plan's Mitigation Measures (PDF)

Appendix E: 2013 Plan Update Changes (PDF)

Appendix Fax: Cities and Towns (PDF)

 Section F.1 Calumet (PDF)

 Section F.2 El Reno (PDF)

 Section F.3 Mustang (PDF)

 Section F.4 Okarche (PDF)

 Section F.5 Piedmont (PDF)

 Section F.6 Union City (PDF)

 Yukon, Coming Soon  (PDF)

Appendix G: Public Schools (PDF)

 Section G.2 Banner Public School (PDF)

 Section G.3 Calumet Public School (PDF)

 Section G.4 Darlington School District (PDF)

 Section G.5 El Reno Public Schools (PDF)

 Section G.6 Maple Public School (PDF)

 Section G.7 Mustang School District (PDF)

 Section G.8 Okarche School District (PDF)

 Section G.9 Piedmont Public Schools (PDF)

 Section G.10 Union City Public Schools (PDF)

 Section G.11 Redlands Community College (PDF)

Section G.12 Canadian Valley Technology Center District Number 6 (PDF)